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No, it's not at all took me some time to realize that in the Project view I couldn't sort actions by their due date.

In Context view, though, you can sort by due date. Actions will be sorted by their due date if they have one, or by their project's due date if they don't have one specified themselves. Go to Context view, choose group by Due from the View Bar, then sort by Due from the View Bar. Save this view as a perspective if you think you'll want to use it frequently.
This was really driving me nuts for a while, especially until you mentioned that I could sort by due date in Context view. Once I knew that, I realized that my problem was that I wasn't using projects properly:

I had a single project with lots of to-be-reviewed tasks with varying due dates. This really should have been a single folder with individual projects with specific review dates. I had avoided making them projects because I wanted to review them with specific colleagues. But by creating a "review" task in each project, assigned to the context for each colleague, I captured everything properly -- projects will get reviewed when they should, and I can see the list of projects I need to review with a given person (in context view), sorted by (start) date.

Now if only there were an option to show the review date in the list...