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(2) No, the difference is that tasks and projects could be linked to other tasks and other projects. Currently, only tasks within a single project can be linked in this way, as I understand it. As an example: if I were working on an application and realized that I can do a better job on them if I developed a tool, I could put them on hold in their current state until I finished the tool. When I finished the tool, all of the projects would become active again, with their schedules updated to the present. If, while building the tool, the same thing happened again--an additional tool was needed, and one or more of the tools applied to more than one current project--then you'd see the kind of cross-project dependencies that could be represented.
Interesting ideas. One way I handle this using the current features of OF is to add a task to the dependent project like "In time, finish the helper tool." with a context of Awaiting. Later, when I review that project, if the helper tool is done, I'll just check off the item. Alternatively, I might put the dependent project on hold and add a final task "Activate dependent project" to the helper tool project.

Neither of these is automated, of course; but both are possible today and are in the spirit of GTD: a simple system, regularly reviewed.