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Well, I was about to say "thanks again but I've got a laptop keyboard" when it occured to me that since those functions exist on full-sized keyboards there must be combinations that produce them on the laptop's keyboard. A quick Google and we've got:
Fn-Left: Home
Fn-Right: End
In addition, some redundant keyboard combos for page up and page down:
Fn-Up: Page Up
Fn-Down: Page Down

So thanks JKT for pointing out those keys... not having a keyboard with them on it I didn't think of them :)

A final related question if anyone knows, though this is probably not the best place for it.
Now that I've discovered the key combos, I'd like to modify ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict so that the fn-up/down is remapped to home/end and the fn-left/right to page up/down. What is the code for Fn-ArrowKey?