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Among other responsibilities at work, I am responsible for 2 large "projects" ("projects" in the sense of how other people define them, not the GTD style project. I will refer to the not GTD style "projects" in quotation marks from here on). One is called TBI and another is Simulator Validation. These are both research "projects". We will be recruiting and testing participants, collecting data, analyzing it, writing up the results, etc. The progression of events is similar for two "projects", so I often have identical projects associated with them. For example, I need to establish the data collection and processing protocol. For next actions, I will look through the list of different systems recommended by a colleague, poke around one or two of them to see if I like it, try entering and backing up pilot data into a candidate solution, write up a draft of a protocol for data collection, etc.
In Omni Focus, I created a folder called TBI and another called Simulator Validation. Then within it, I am creating projects and listing my next actions. I have completed the "data collection" project with its next actions for the TBI "project", and now I want to copy the whole project with all of its next actions into the Simulator Validation folder. Is there an elegant way to do this? Or do I actually have to copy/paste sentence by sentence, action by action?

Thank you!