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A lot of my workflow is in FoldingText Markdown now (hash-headers and/or tab indents, with inline @key(value) tags, child-line key : value properties or just plain @key tags for booleans.

(Either authored in FoldingText, or on my favourite machine an inexpensive AA powered ultra-simple portable with a good keyboard
Tip remove all software from the Neo except the plain text editor, quickly upload all the text files to OS X with the free NeoManager utility via USB).

I do, however, like to use OmniOutliner's excellent column display for some things, particularly to generate column-based PDF documents.

Here is a rough working draft of a script which I am using to paste FT-style Markdown plain text into OO3, with the inline @key(value) tag pairs, and the child element key : value property pairs going to values in key-named columns (either pre-existing or created, if necessary, by the pasting script).

In addition to moving tag values to columns it also normalises the mixed nesting style of MD (hash headers and/or tab indents) into regular OO3 nesting.

(⌘⌥V for OmniOutliner 3 in my KeyBoard Maestro setup)


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