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Hi Omni gang

I am about to set sail learning the basics of Applescript to attempt to automate some of the processes in my OG4-reliant business.

Could anyone give me a gentle push-off the pier by describing the Applescript required to have a curvy line link a number of highlighted objects? Say I multiple select some objects on screen, I would like to have a 'button' in the bottom corner of the page with an Action that runs a little Applescript to have a curvy (sine-like?) line link the objects - however not link back to the first object. That will be done manually, so I stay alert.

Can anyone help? Obviously I've done this manually and done a Copy as Applescript, pasted that into an Action button, etc. But obviously the absolute references to x&y positions to draw to screen are not going to get me anywhere.

Any assistance is of course, greatly appreciated.



Queensland, Australia