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I'm currently using the eval version of OmniPlan to see if it can replace another product. I have a resource that is only available on Mondays. I assigned him a task that requires 2 days effort. Right now the Gantt chart shows one long bar that goes from Monday to the next Monday. I prefer to instead represent his time a one bar that goes over the first Monday, then a line to another bar over the second Monday. In other words the Gantt chart bar turns into a line stretching over Tue-Fri instead of showing one long bar.

Is this possible? I looked around but didn't easily see how to do this.
--Thanks for any assistance!
This would require us to support split tasks, which is something we don't do in OmniPlan now but are considering for OmniPlan 2.0. I'll add your name to our list of users requesting this.