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First, I read that Actions only work if they are Exported as opposed to Printed to PDF.
Yes. Apparently that is because the Export can use the full PDF capabilty, but the PrintAsPDF is limited to Apple's PrintAsPDF functionality.

There is a simple trick I use to ensure that the resulting pages are dead-set A4:
set the CanvasSize to "Size is a multiple of PrinterSheets"
In the Master or SharedLayer, create a rectangle of exactly 21x29.7cm; filled white with an Opacity of zero
place in squarely on the Canvas (which should already be A4)
Arrange it at the Back, and Lock it
all other elements will now be in Front

(obviously use 8.5x11" if you are using Imperial units.)

The problem with this is that Export only seems to work for a single canvas at a time. Is this correct? If so, does this mean that there is currently no way to export a muli-paged linked PDF?
That's not correct. I have many multi-page linked PDFs (created via Export PDF vector image) with various Actions built in. Here's one. The Action enabled objects (blue 3D glass button; other identified at bottom of page) should be obvious. Goto the copyright statement (text only)for a link to URL.

In the Export dialogue, have you chosen "Entire Document" or "Current Canvas".

Second, I've noticed that even when exporting only a single Canvas, Actions don't export to PDF if they are linked to objects other than text (ie. a box). Is that correct?
True for OG4, but that is a bug, which I thought was fixed in OG 5. Isn't it ?!?!? Send a bug report via Help/SendFeedback.

The work around in OG4 is, Export docs of at least two pages (blank second page, from a blank Master). Hey, it's a work-around.

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