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So OF crashed and now I can't get it to open back up.

I put a project on hold and then went to the view bar and chose "all projects" instead of "active projects" - I got the ball of death, crashcatcher came up, I reported - then both Crashcatcher and OF froze up and had to be force quit.

And now OF won't restart. Should I trash everything and reinstall? Is there a way to save any of my information (like, should I not trash the cache? the plist?)

Ack. Very sad here.
You should have a recent backup in your ~/Documents/OmniFocus Backups/ folder, unless you have changed your backup settings. You could trash the following files, install the latest build, and then restore from the most recent backup:

~/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/* (all files in the folder)

Before doing that, though, I'd start by making a copy of these files:
1. Your most recent backup, and
2. ~/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/OmniFocus.ofocus
Leave the originals where they are.

Then trash the cache folder and restart. If that doesn't work, trash all the files I mentioned above (except for your backups and the copies you made), reinstall the latest build of OmniFocus, and copy your OmniFocus.ofocus file back to ~/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus (don't move it, copy it, so you have another copy). You'll lose preferences and perspectives doing this, but your data should be safe.

If that doesn't work, trash the ~/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/OmniFocus.ofocus file and everything else in that directory, reinstall OmniFocus, and then launch it. When it opens, choose File > Revert to Database Backup... and then open the backup that you saved.

Disclaimer: I've been using OmniFocus successfully for over six months and have lost data only once, minimally. However, it's always a good idea to make copies of any files and packages before deleting them, or to run a complete backup first. Especially when working with prerelease software.