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I've asked one of my team members to test OmniPlan. She is currently using a trial version of OP2. The key attribute we want to test is the ability to share a single file through the Omni SyncServer.

I've been a long time OP user, have OP2, set up the file on my computer, and published it to the Omni SyncServer. When she tries to open the file from the server repository, the application crashes - every time (more than a dozen attempts). Is there something in the trial version that will not allow opening a file from the SyncServer? Am I going about it wrong? Is there another way for my team member to get access to the file?

I searched the forum to see if I set things up properly, but just in case. My team member and I have the same account information set up in OP. My assumption is that we both have to use the same account in order to share the file. Please tell me if that's incorrect.

Since sharing a file is a key selling point of OmniPlan 2, I can't see buying a version after the trial expires if I can't actually share any files. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Please help. We have 8 days left in the trial and I want to be certain sharing files really works.