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I have been researching OmniFocus and found it to be great and just purchased.

But, I am trying to sync with iCal and of course I have separate calendars within iCal for work, personal, and other items. I have been using iCal and its To-Do feature and assigning different tasks to each calendar.

I have been reading forums all day and cannot find the fix...

In setting up iCal sync with OF, how do you assign 1 context to multiple iCal calendars. The instructions tell you to;

"Drag context names into the calendar name you’d like to synchronize them with. For instance, if you drag your “errands” context to your “Home” calendar, any actions assigned to your errands context will get corresponding to-do items in your Home calendar in iCal."

How do you assign "errands" to sync with my work calendar and personal calendar. I run errands (a task/project in OF) in both calendars.

There has to be a way to do this...?? This is a big part of iCal and seems it would be a core piece in OF since I may run errands and be able to see both sets for work and personal to achieve my tasks per GTD. There has to be a fix for this.