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I started my use of Omni products a number of years ago. Although I have paid directly for all my products since, the first Omni product I purchased was OmniOutliner 3 Mac as part of a software bundle supplied along with a new computer from Apple.

Like many I am excited about the soon to be released OmniOutliner 4 for Mac but wondered as a OmniOutliner 3 for Mac user (I have the CD somewhere I'm sure unless my son used it as a frisbee with the dog again) am I entitled to purchase an upgrade or will I have to purchase a complete new licence.

I notice that when I check the licence details for this particular title it simply says: "Macintosh Software Bundle".

I have no objection paying for good software such as OmniOutliner but would be nice to know I can save a little to put towards other things such as the new OmniFocus upgrades etc.