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Originally Posted by Lizard
In your system, a completed flagged task has no usefulness. But flags are fairly flexible. Someone else might be using them in an entirely different way. Perhaps reviewing the things they did last week and flagging everything they did that cost money, to help them get control of their budget. In this scenario, it would be strange to them to not see completed flagged tasks when they filter for flagged tasks.

So I agree that one should be able to filter down to "flagged and not yet completed" tasks, but I don't think that should be the behavior of the "flagged" filter, as it overly restricts that feature.
I think this points out the bigger problem. The 'flagged' filter setting is part of the 'task state' filter, which might make it seem like 'flagged' or 'not flagged' is somehow related to 'completed' or 'remaining' etc.

If flags are a completely different sort of beast (as suggested above), then they need another filter 'dimension' to work properly.

I know it is a slippery slope to having 20 filters on the filter ribbon, but if flags are independent of the next/avail/remain/completed state of the task, then they should have an independent filter.