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I must be missing something with the OmniPlan Server Repository capability, as far as I can tell it is pull only, no push beyond initial project publication.


I have a standard WebDAV server with full access, configured and 'test' capability works just fine, but after I add the "Sync with OmniPlan server repository" Publish/Update Action in and hit Save on the local file, I get the error:

"You need to update to the newest version of the project before publishing your changes."

So I go back, use "Project" -> "Update", make changes, local file updates, but changes never appear to make it back to the Server Repository.

In other words, if I close the local file, then use the File -> Open from Server Repository, the changes made to the local file are simply not there.

Assuming "Publish" means push to server, "Update" means pull from server, yet there does not appear any way of getting the server-side file updated with the local-side changes after the initial server push.

What am I missing here?