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Huzzah! Removing the project and context bumps actions back to the inbox!

I'm thinking that my ideal behaviour would be if anything without a context was in the inbox, but I can work with this.

Out of curiosity, would anyone object to the above behaviour?
We've actually discussed this before and there doesn't seem to be a general consensus. Some people would like contextless actions to show up in a default "unfiled" context in the context view (kind of like Singleton actions show up in buckets rather than projects). And other people think the inbox should be expanded (or fixed) such that actions without contexts don't get "cleaned up".

The best suggestion from the latter group involves adding a sub section to the inbox where incompletely processed actions reside. For instance, if I have an action which is part of a sequence of actions in a project, but I haven't yet assigned it a context, that action would be visible in the project list in the sequence that I've assigned it to, but would also still be visible in the "incomplete" section of the inbox and wouldn't be removed from the inbox until after I've assigned a context to it.

This would enable me to still plan the project as a whole with that action included in the sequence of project actions, but would also keep reminding me every time I look at the inbox that I haven't yet fully processed that action and haven't therefore really fully committed to it and that I still need to do some processing with regards to it.

If you couldn't tell, I tend to fall in the second group, though I agree with Curt that action groups don't necessarily require a context.