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Maybe I'm not looking for solutions so much as empathy? In the real madness of dynamic, scattered, and voluminous information, GTD seems to really be breaking down on me and not really helping me focus.
I donít have the solutions, but hereís some empathy: empathy rays, empathy rays, empathy rays ...

GTDing has made a huge difference for me in some ways, while falling flat in others. But, over time, I seem to be gradually finding more and more ways in which GTD and OF can work their magic. Itís incremental.

Hereís a tip:

I have an @meta context in which I work on my GTD and organizational skills. I have a daily action I call ďfive-minute meta.Ē I have done it almost every morning for months. Itís just a few minutes of exploring OF, looking for ways to exploit it, poking around at random, cleaning things up ... reading the OmniFocus forums ... ;-) This was my 5-minute meta this morning!