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Hm . . . that seems to be causing a bit of a "chicken and egg" issue . . .

When I try to share database settings with my iPhone now, the Share Settings button in the Synchronization Preferences doesn't seem to go through. When I instead send the settings, it tries to sync but I still receive the same error: "Unable to synchronize database with server. -- Unable to find sync server."

Specifically, the error says: "Unable to find sync server. No server could be found that matches your sync settings. Please make sure that your sync server is awake and that Omnifocus is open."

Thanks for that suggestion, but so far I don't seem able to get that to work.
I encountered two different problems
1. OF on my Mac was throwing errors when I attempted to sync to my standard archive on my computer (Preferences>Sync) [I'd click disk, then click Bojour at which point my cursor would change to the pinwheel and then say that my computer wasn't able to find the proper data base (or something like that) and would point me to a error log (see below)
2. I could not get my iPhone to see my computer when performing a sync.

[Wed Dec 02 17:22:44 2009] [warn] RSA server certificate is a CA certificate (BasicConstraints: CA == TRUE !?)
[Wed Dec 02 17:22:44 2009] [warn] RSA server certificate CommonName (CN) `sp2-c-10-18-09' does NOT match server name!?

Note the past tense of encounter :).

Step one was to set up a computer to computer network (really just disconnecting my computer from my office wifi). This resolved the strange error message that the volume on my computer could not be found. [This is weird because this was totally local to my computer, so the fact that the wifi was contributing to the problem was a surprise to me, but whatever)

Step two to set my iphone to airplane mode, turn on wifi, and select the c2c network (For some reason, my phone didn't want to acknowledge the wifi connection when it had the opportunity to connect to a cellular signal...)

Step three - sync as normal.

Hope this helps!