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Hey. Sorry to have not gotten back to anyone for a bit. I seem to be stuck at the same place again. :/

To review: I use OmniFocus on my iPhone and Mac. I sync via Bonjour. They are both connected to the same network (wired for Mac and wireless for iPhone) and seldom to ever experience issues with the connection itself.

I stereotypically experience the same issue many others do with having to press the sync button twice to have it sync, but I can deal with that.

Every once in a while -- like now -- it stops syncing at all.

I receive the "Unable to find sync server" error.

Last time, I solved this in a remarkably simple way . . . one which I can't find the documentation for now, of course. But it may have been as simple as resetting the database on the phone, or possibly just restarting OmniFocus.

Now I'm back to a point I think I was at before. I reset the phone database (something I don't even believe I needed to do, in retrospect) and now can't set up syncing in the first place. It doesn't find the desktop on the Sync With Mac screen, and when I try to set up manually, it lists the server, but trying to save throws the same "Unable to find sync server" error.

The last time I had this happen, I struggled for weeks and nearly stopped using OmniFocus in its entirety. Should I be rebuilding the database or something?


Addendum: Even when I try to send settings and have it manually sync I receive that error. Aargh.

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