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I think the Konigi example 'looks' like it may have exactly that... however if you add an item via the Outline View to any of the 'levels' they always appear on the canvas horizontally parallel to others of the same 'level'. If I understand correctly, the original poster wants to have, say, all level 1 items display horizontally parallel, along with all level 2 items... but have all level 3 items display vertically.

I too am looking for this capability in the program for a sitemap I'm building and am surprised it isn't immediately obvious how to do this, or how to automate this in a Diagram Style. It seems to me that a common page structure for a site would benefit from a Diagram Style of this nature. For example.....

........Project 1
........Project 2
........Project 3
........Project 4
........Project 5
........Project 6
........Project 7
........Project 8
........Project 9
........Project 10

That third level has a lot of pages, too many for horizontal layout... I've been spending time just now trying to figure out how to customize a Diagram Style to have that third level automatically display items vertically with no luck. The crapper is that when I align/space etc. manually... and then go add another item via the Outline.. it automatically rearranges everything back to the original Diagram Style! Gah! I could uncheck "Automatically Layout" but that's one of the best parts of Graffle imho.

I know this app has been out for a long time so I'm really hoping I'm just using it INcorrectly... or it can do what we're looking for and we just haven't discovered how yet. =]

Any help appreciated.