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(I am an IT architect)

Look, I answered the OP, but evidently he never came back to continue the thread. You've given me more info re your needs.

1 Personally, I would not draw a website map using that technique, or the Konigi template, there is far too much information on one "page" which cannot be maintained reasonably. Getting everything on a single canvas is not desirable to me at all; getting everything into a single exported PDF, with each canvas on a separate page, is much easier to read/understand as well as to draw. I would first draw it using Garrett IA or some other technique which lays out the website structurally. Then I would use OG or whatever to fill the pages; and even then I would have multiple pages, each containing 1 Project.

1.1 After the website is implemented, then it is easy to populate a tree structure and produce "final documentation" using OG. You can even use the actual webpages.

(staying with the single canvas, OG and Konigi ...)

2 Deselect Auto Layout. Great feature, but not for this particular use.

3 Use the Inspector/Align&Space tool, rather than doing so manually.