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I use OmniOutliner for home and work. Here are my thoughts:

#1 - While 1 column "could" suffice, I'd strongly prefer the iPhone and desktop to be identical in structure -- thus, yes to multiple columuns. Maybe cap it at 5 if needed.
#2 - Absolutely yes to formating (I'd like it on Omnifocus too:)
#3 - Attachment support not needed for me
#4 - I would like it to be fully editable. A non-editable list is not very useful. Maybe a non-editable version could be created quickly while you're working on OO4. It would be better than nothing for the short term.
#5 - Sync-able with my desktop unit is a must

As for OO4 I'd like to add syncing, "tabs" (like Excel or Safari), and time numbering/calc.

Unique tabs (documents) in one master document -- with the ability to start numbering at 1 for each document OR continue from the document before.

I would also very much like to add "time" and "time calc" columns for for making timed meeting agendas, events, and lists - 5 min 8:30a - Open; 10 min 8:35a - Presentation 1; 60 min 8:45a - Presentation 2; 9:45a - End Time. To be able to have a dynamic outliner that can handle time well -- assigning a start time with time for each element, then being able to dynamically rearrange the outline and have the times automatically adjust correctly would be INCREDIBLE! Even Excel has a hard time doing this well without complicated formula. As a leader of several meetings and events, this function would be huge for me!!!

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