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i use Clipotron. but it is not working for me - items go to inbox, but just having the subject content be copied in OF action title is not working for me. I would like the Clipotron or a replacement also include the mail sender's name.

also, the clipotron appears to want me to select a text. an unnecessary intermediate step as i see it.
The Clip-o-tron wants you to select a message, not a text. You click on the message in the list of messages and clip. As long as the active focus is in the message list, the only steps are selecting a message and invoking the clipping shortcut how would you reduce that? The point of the Clip-o-tron is to let you quickly grab entire messages from the message list in Mail.

If you have the active focus in the message itself, then you are not using the Clip-o-tron, just the standard OmniFocus clipping service, and it is thus necessary to select some text.
can i somehow achieve this instead: i simply press one combination keystroke and have the mail clipped to OF inbox such that the action title includes "Sender:xyz sub:abc"? i even have mail acton installed - if that creates more flexibility in using an apple script written by Omni or an expert on the forum.

thank you!
Yes, you can do that by tweaking the Applescript underpinnings of the clipping service a bit. In Mail-Leopard.applescript buried inside the BuiltinClippingHandlers.plugin file, in the "on clipping(CurrentApplication Info..." routine, there is a try block that should be altered like so:

				set MyName to "Sender: " & sender of first item of MyMessages & " Subject: " & subject
				set MyDateReceived to date received
				set MyFlagged to flagged status
			on error
(the original of the changed line reads simply "set MyName to subject")

To edit this file, select the OmniFocus application in the Finder (quit it first, if it is open). Right-click (or use the gear menu) and choose Show Package Contents. Double-click the Contents folder, then double-click the Plugins folder. Select BuiltinClippingHandlers.plugin, again do Show Package Contents, double-click Contents, then double-click Resources. Now double-click Mail-Leopard.applescript and the Applescript editor should launch and open the file. Make the change shown above, click the Compile button to make sure there are no errors, then save the change. At that point you should be able to launch OmniFocus again and test it out.