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I am in "planning mode", with my inbox (and sometimes some a couple of other projects in some folder) selected. Now, I want to sort the actions from the inbox+selected-projects by due date (or sometimes, folder - whatever). It appears this is impossible! I asked omnifocus support, and the only way they had was to select all the action items, then go to Edit->Sort and select "By Due Date". (I'm fairly new to omnifocus, please bear with me for any silliness in the post!)

1. I think this should be possible by clicking the "Due" button in the view, this seems pretty basic functionality to me.

2. Given that the functionality is not there, is there some way to script this, so that I can do the equivalent of selecting all items, edit->sort->by due date with a single key combination? Omnifocus support mentioned that there are apple experts in this forum, and suggested I ask here.