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I've gone the other route for the time being - I deleted all actions in the dupe and have copied my context across.
Now I am trying to delete those actions assigned to that context.

I get this alert:

"If you delete the selected items, the following hidden items will also be deleted.To hide the selected items without losing their contents, consider changing their status to Dropped or Completed instead of deleting them.

1 Project
1 Action"

Now this is with only a handful of actions within my long list assigned this context (>500).

How do I delete only these actions without collateral damage?
CLearly there are Projects as well as actions assigned to this context. And there are Projects with different assignments that look to be deleted as well.

Further: having played with this idea I find that it's OK to copy context items across, but there's no way to maintain their projects ig the projects are assigned a different context. That then separates information from projects, not so uesful.

I will back up and try your suggestion. Have a full dupe DB and see if I can remove everything but the info context.