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You shouldn't forget that GTD-method only applies to tasks taking some time to perform. If it takes two minutes or less, don't process it in OF is my advice too. For those emails you cannot act upon at once, send them to OF with a dedicated shortcut created in OF preferences under Clippings. For the rest, I'd use Mail's tools. There are also MailTags and Mail Act-on which are excellent plug-ins for Mail to create a better message workflow. You'll find them here.
Personally, I run through my inbox in as few sessions as possible per day. If something requires an afterthought or further action, I send it to OF with my Clippings shortcut. But all emails are archived at once, and most are replied to immediately.

BTW: The little link you'll get in your OF task when using Clippings; "Original message", will take you to the attached message, even if it is moved round inside Mail.