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Okay. Just today I realized what the very coolest feature of OmniFocus is, at least in my case.

My wife, bless her cruel heart, can e-mail home chores and errands directly to my OmniFocus inbox without having to post scraps of paper all over the house or send me e-mails that get sporadically (purposely) deleted from time to time.

It would be a great feature to see an alert visually (or even audibly) when an item has been sent to my inbox. I'd like to see that something new has arrived that needs my attention and categorization. Or at least be able to see at a glance when I am in the midst of another project that earlier there were eight things in there and now there are ten, so I had better go and investigate.

There is a count feature in the sidebar, menubar or dock for items that are coming due. But this doesn't necessarily apply to items that she sends that have no due date information attached to them.