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I second simonclivehughes's request for an illustrated syncing tutorial. i find it all a bit baffling. seems to me that when I enter a to-do into my iPhone Omnifocus, it could show up in any/all of four places: Omnifocus 1.1 for Mac; the iCal on my Mac; on my Mac; and my MobileMe calendar.

But so far here's what I've got:
- my iPhone to-dos show up in Omnifocus on the Mac and vice versa;
- my Mac/OF to-dos show up in my Mac iCal (and in my Mail to-dos), but by iPhone OF to-dos don't show up in either location;
- my iCal (and Mail) to-dos register in MobileMe
- but my Mac/OF and iPhone/OF to-dos don't show up on my MobileMe calendar.

The flow of info from one platform to another is opaque; a tutorial would definitely help (as would some advice about my own difficulties). Also, if info is routing through iDisk, it seems like potentially I could (somehow) get my iPhone/OF to-dos to show up in my Mac iCal and Mail programs without the benefit of OF 1.1 for Mac -- or am I missing something? Again, a diagram would go a long way ...