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I have some trouble with two of my perspectives.

My first perspective is called "Daily Ritual" and lists my typical work flow.
My second perspective is called "Work" which shows all my flagged items.

I select all tasks I want to do (most important tasks) and flag them in my planning perspective and switch over to my Work perspective to start working on my flagged tasks (MIT) which appear here as they are flagged

So far so good. The problem: I have flagged my tasks of the daily ritual as well so that they come up in my Work perspective. My daily ritual contains one action group called "clear to neutral". Please see the screenshot. In my daily ritual perspective the action group is fine however this action group is broken in the work perspective and all tasks are listed as single actions with the action group header "clear to neutral" greyed out and shifted to the end . Please see the second screenshot.

Why is this? Is there anything wrong with my filters?

Thanks for any ideas
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