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Hi. I worked on a project (small "p" = a project in meatspace). I put all of my OFO Projects (capital "p" = OFO item) in an OFO Folder. The project is now completed, and I have marked all of the Projects in that Folder "Completed". I now have left in my Library an empty Folder. I cannot mark this Folder "Completed" all I can do is (afaik):
- delete it, or
- mark it as "Dropped".

I like to _keep_ every action I run through OFO so I have diary/time-line of my work. In this particular case, I expect that I will, at some point, want to copy the entire folder and re-use/re-purpose both the Projects and the Actions that it contains.

Naively, what I would like to be able to do is mark the Folder as "Completed", and be able to retrieve the entire Folder whenever I show completed items. I don't think this can be done.