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Just a quick note to let you know that I've found a workaround.

Fortunately, I had exported Visio XML files of all my .graffle files before moving to Leopard. I opened one of these up in OGP4.2.2b2, and saved it back as a native .graffle file. It's now 2.8MB, which is more like what I expect. I've been working with it, and the size seems to be holding steady, not growing out of control.

FYI, I looked at the contents of the 68MB version of the file (same visual content,) and the data.plist file is almost 67MB, the rest taken up by bitmapped gfx I have embedded in the file. The 2.8MB version of the file has a data.plist inside that's only 40KB.

The odd thing is that the original .graffle file I started with was still only 2.8MB, and had been generated in OGP4.2.1 under Tiger 10.4.10. I didn't do anything strange or weird to the file. I just backed up, installed Leopard on a blank drive, reinstalled apps (including OGP4.2.2b2,) and manually copied all of my files back over from backup. That's when the weirdness started.

Things are humming along nice and quick now. But it's really odd that the two files I opened in 4.2.2b2 grew to uncontrollable sizes. The other file that grew started out at 1.3MB, and after editing in OGP4.2.2b2, grew to 42.1MB.

I'm going to continue working from copies of my Visio XML files until OGP4.2.2 is finalized, and this bug is hopefully found and fixed.

Thanks, Joel, for your help and insights.