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I just purchased OmniGraffle Pro so that I could stop loading Visio in a virtual machine.

The first thing I did was to load an existing org chart that I need to make a bunch of changes to. Importing the Visio document went perfectly. Updating labels is no problem, moving boxes is a piece of cake. Creating and updating connectors is making want to blow my brains out.

There doesn't seem to be a wait to easily connect the boxes. If I try to move a connector it either disconnect from the boxes it was connected to, or creates a new connector and gets some odd shape. If I create a connector, it either exits into the box (if I choose the bottom of the box) or just refuses to attach to the box at all.

And god help me if I select "Automatic Layout", which instantly takes all elements of my orgchart and puts them equally spaced across the center of the screen.

Any pointers as to who to create an org chart would be forever apprciated. I would rather update the one I have, but I will take whatever advice I can get.

Thanks, Michael