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One feature I use a lot is that when you hit ENTER in OmniWeb it will look for a link on the current page labeled "next" or containing the string "next" and try to follow it. This way I can quickly browse long lists at google or other sites that come up with lists and "next" links, just by hitting ENTER.

However when I switched OS X to German the other day I found that this functionality was gone. Or could it be that in the German localisation of OW it is looking for a different string? At least when using OW on it won't work. On a sidenote I also have to say that the "Vorwärts" link on is a pretty poor translation ("forward" WTF?).

I think OW should also try to follow "next" links in other languages when hitting ENTER. This is another one of the things I really dearly miss when using other browsers.