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Are you saying that once your machine has awoken from sleep, it remains awake for the rest of the day? I would have thought most people have their Macs sleep after a certain period of inactivity and so they could sleep multiple times during a a given day?

There have been multiple threads over the months (years ?) describing what appears to be the same bug - all of them appear to have their Macs going to sleep at some point.

Perhaps if someone from Omni like Ken could describe the code logic involved in updating an action's status we could deduce what might be happening here - is there some 'monitor' thread running at regular intervals to update action states (every minute for example) that looks at specific actions due within the same interval some (Due Soon) days hence? A 'sleeping' Mac would could mean that some of the actions in intervals that would have been 'scanned' had the Mac not been sleeping would be missed.

Here's hoping this one can be squashed!