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It pretty much already does that? When you launch it you can hit the inbox item while it's launching and there you are creating a new item. Note how the inbox item is highlighted before anything else... this is very fast.
And even better in the version to be released next.
I'd hate it to DEFAULT to an inbox item every time I launched, forcing me to cancel out. Because people do buy the app for more reasons than creating on the go... they may also CHECK items they have to do.
Yep. I still would have purchased the iPod/iPhone application if it only allowed me to look at my actions on the go, but would not have spent the same amount for an application that only allowed me to add actions. Much more important (for me) to be able to refer to existing actions without limitation of scope -- capture I can do with any number of tools. Happily, they gave us both :)

By the way, feature requests are best sent directly to Omni via Send Feedback or email to -- forum postings don't make it into the development database, unlike the other two.