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OK, I just figured it out: I just need to make each column a date column.

However, now I have to tackle the next step: exporting kGTD projects. Opening the entire file results in the same problem - all dates for the tasks don't take and are reset to today's date (even though the Outliner columns are date columns).

Any ideas would be terrific. Thanks!

My original problem:


I've been trying for an hour to import a list of tasks and dates I created in Outliner Pro into a new project in OmniPlan (and Merlin and Process). For some reason, none of the programs "take" the dates. Each task is instead assigned a date of 9/18/06 (today's date). This is the same for both programs so I'm almost certain it has something to do with Outliner.

A little more detail:

1) I create the project tasks in Outliner using simple columns: (Topic, Start, End).
2) I saved and/or exported the file as Outliner3, Outliner2, OPML.
3) I re-open or import the Outliner document. All the tasks appear, including notes, but the start and end dates are set to today's date rather than what I indicated in Outliner.

This is driving me nuts. Any ideas?

BTW - I'm trying to pick the "perfect" project software that would feed off the kGTD system I'm using in Outliner and remain in sync with iCal. Any thoughts on that would be most welcomed too.


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