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Were there any more log messages from OmniFocus around 29/01/2010 17:45:55, i.e. between these three entries?

29/01/2010 08:10:27	OmniFocus[13018]	<OFMTaskElapsedDateController:0x217f0d0 - isDueSoon/effectiveDateDue/172800.000000>: next task date elapses in 180000.0 seconds
29/01/2010 17:45:55	OmniFocus[13018]	tasks = {( ...
31/01/2010 10:10:27	OmniFocus[13018]	<OFMTaskElapsedDateController:0x217f0d0 - isDueSoon/effectiveDateDue/172800.000000> timer fired
I would expect there to be another message before the "tasks = " line saying "Found minimum date of...", and I would expect there to be some lines afterwards saying "next task date elapses in...".

<strike>However, maybe that's where the problem lies! There's a short-circuit in there which exits before that "next task date" calculation if that code is called from a background thread. But I can't claim that's definitely the issue, since there shouldn't be any way to get the "tasks = " message without the preceding "Found minimum date" message—so I thought I should double-check to see if there were other log messages that you didn't quote.</strike> Edit: Nevermind, I think we've found the problem (see next post)!


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