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Hi Rob,

Many thanks for this and all your other excellent scripts.

I need to appeal to your Applescript genius for a modification of this one, if at all possible: Let's assume that the my selection criterion is the checkmark, i.e. "select all rows that are checked."

In OmniFocus, the parent of a checked row is checked only if all its children are also checked. In the opposite case, the parent is marked with a hyphen ("-").

The ensuing problem is that copy-and-pasting the selected rows does not accurately reproduce the hierarchical relations between the selected rows.

Would it be conceivably possible to modify the script so that the partially selected parents (those marked with a hyphen rather than a check mark) are also selected?

In effect, I am seeking a way to obliterate (hide, delete, ) all those rows that are not marked in any way, maintaining those rows that are marked either fully (checkmark) or partially (hyphen).

Thank you very much.

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