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In GTD anything with more than one step (next action) is a project and the creation of a project and the first or many next actions is a very common task.

Right now in kGTD if you have a next action, but not a project, you have to first create one, sync and then select the project for the next action (yes, you can do it with the scripts easier).

Also, in kGTD, the re-ordering of next actions is a little clumsy. I seem to always have to hit just the right spot with my mouse to drag and drop it up in the project and most of the times it becomes a sub action.

Feature Request for OmniFocus:
- Creating a Project is easy and assigned to key stroke.
- As soon as you create an project you can instantly assign next actions to it
- The ability to turn a next action into a project easily
- The ability to use the keyboard to move next actions up and down in the list easily. (SHIFT + CTL + ARROW)

Again that flow into Next actions and projects should be fast so I don't hesitate creating them.