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There's currently no way to create a link in the title of a task, and it should probably stay that way to help reduce visual clutter and prevent accidental clicking.

However, you can have as many links in the note field as you like. As you pointed out, these can be created by pasting or typing a valid URL into the note field. Once you leave the note field, the URL will automatically be converted into a clickable link.

Another way to add a link is to drag a link from your web browser (either from the address bar or from within the page itself) and drop it into an OmniFocus note field. You can also just drag it anywhere on an action that's not in edit mode, and the link will be added to the note field. One advantage to this approach is that the title of the web page is displayed as a link, rather than the URL itself being displayed.

And yet a third option is to highlight some text in a note field and then go to the Format -> Text -> Link... command in the menu bar. This opens a sheet where you can type or paste in a URL to make the selected text into a link.

Hope this helps.


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