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This is a response to my own thread from two years ago. I know. Sad.

Unfortunately "active contexts" still shows contexts with no actions. This is particularly problematic when I am focused on a subset of my projects. I don't want to see a dozen contexts on the sidebar.

It's always bugged me, but never enough to mention it again beyond having filed the bugs a couple years ago. I powered through. But recently I've been revisiting my workflow to make things simpler and more frictionless, and this is one of those things that stands out as an issue.

The way I *want* things to work is that my Active Contexts shows only the contexts that actually have an action in them. When I'm Focused on my Personal projects, I don't want to see a list of my Work People.

Of the 26 "Active Contexts", 11 don't have any actions in them while I'm Focused on Personal. Why are they showing up?

Anyone have any explanations that make this a logical decision, or is it really Still Just A Bug™?