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I have a few projects like this in mine where I have a planned event which I know repeats on an 8-12 week cycle. It may be 9 weeks but could be 11. So after 8 I get it to start asking "Is it time to start?"

The way I get around the limitation is by having the project set to sequential, with the trigger question as the first action. The main project is then nested as the second action, and this contains the real tasks.

Project - Fall Tasks
- Is it time to start this project? (Repeat Weekly / Daily etc)
- Subproject - Fall Tasks
--- Main Fall Task 1
--- Main Fall Task 2

The first action is set on a repeat either daily or weekly, with a start date to suit when you need the task to trigger. Once it triggers you complete it to get it to repeat the question tomorrow, next week etc. When its finally time to start the project you just delete the task and as its a sequential project it then triggers the sub project below to become available.