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In case it helps to clarify, the references to "Focusing on the project" in whpalmer4 and CatOne's responses refer to clicking that project in the sidebar, then selecting the "Focus on" item under the View menu.

That gives you a window which hides all the un-selected projects; this persists in Context mode, allowing you to see the actions sorted individually as they suggest.

Meanwhile, you can use some other completely different ordering in project view. Maybe the most important tasks are at the top, or you prefer alphabetizing the actions in that project.

Project mode assumes that the order you put those actions to matters enough to want it to stick around; context mode lets you re-order on the fly without messing up your "real" sorting. If you want to permanently re-order items in Project mode, you can select them in the window, then use the options under the Edit menu - but remember, that sorting is permanent.

Hope this helps!