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I know the team is most probably working hard on OmniOutliner 4, but I would like to point out why some people are really hoping to get a new version soon.

Right now, there is no note taking app for Mac with a mobile client that fulfils the requirements of knowledge based notetaking as an outliner app would solve the problem.

Of course, there is Evernote. Evernote is nice. There is an app for mobile clients and you can sync your notes. But there is no real structure in Evernote. Evernote is working nice, if you have a journal, but you can't really use it for knowledgebased notes. (See also

On a Mac, an outliner solves this problem of knowledge based notes. But with OmniOutliner 3, you miss the sync. That's why OmniOutliner 3 is no real solution, if you want to sync your documents to your mobile client.

Most other notetaking apps are lacking a good app for mobile clients too by the way.

If you want to use knowledge based notetaking apps right now, you probably have to install MS OneNote. This means getting the OneNote iPhone Client and to install Parallels, Windows and Office on your Mac. This will cost you around 400 Euros and I think it is a little bit complicated for just a notetaking app.

With the emerging marked of cloud applications, many people are really waiting for a good notetaking apps to emerge that could replace OneNote and they would be willing also to pay for it. OmniOutliner 4 could be exactly the product we all are waiting for. Now more than ever!

So why do I think a lot of people would trust OmniGroup. My answer is simple: Just have a look on the existing apps. If a company can create apps such as OmniFocus with such a brilliant iPad app then this company can create a sophisticated solution for notetaking with mobile sync too.

My question to the team is: As someone who loves OmniGroup products, when does OmniOutliner 4 will be released. We all are waiting for this product to come :)