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Same problem here, I made a feature request for a toolbar item to do this, see my other post today in the same forum.
I was asking for an example of where including the alt key incorrectly triggers something else, as suggested by the previous poster. I don't have any trouble imagining that a different keyboard layout might make an arbitrary keyboard shortcut less convenient. Seems pretty clear that to have any appreciable number of shortcuts, quite a few will be less convenient for some set of keyboards, no? On an English language keyboard, the selected choices make sense, are easy to type, and there's even a visual element to remind you, once you know that they do indent or outdent. Those keyboard layouts are used by the single biggest chunk of Omni's customers, I'm sure. As you know, such a keyboard would be a headache in an environment where one needed to type umlauts and other such marks with great frequency. Conversely, a programmer whose language used many [] characters would be unhappy using a Swiss keyboard, I think.

Why not use the System Preferences Keyboard section to make a different pair of shortcuts that are more convenient and memorable for you? You don't really want to have to move the mouse cursor up to the toolbar and press a button while typing, do you? I was able to change the shortcut to be the same key sequence you have to type, so it is possible to alter them. Looking at OmniFocus, I don't think very many of the keyboard shortcuts are particularly intuitive (though they may make a consistent group of similar functions, like the collapse/expand shortcuts), you just have to memorize the ones you use frequently if you want the shortcut. It would be a support challenge (and make the forum less useful) if OmniFocus had a different set of keyboard shortcuts for each localization, don't you think? To make any sense of Lizard's original post giving the key combo, for example, you would need to know if your version used the same layout as hers, or if not, have a table of the shortcuts for each to try to find the underlying function (this is one reason I usually specify the menu item as well as they keyboard shortcut).