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Well, it is not Omnis fault that we are sometimes just hyped by any new fancy stuff that gets released before anybody ever imagined what and how this stuff could be used.
Sometimes at work you don't have time to play around with glitzy software, but you just have to use the right tool - the one you know, you trust, and you are efficient with. That's a secret of productivity.
Take your time.
Sometimes there is an application, however, that you know, you trust, and that you are efficient with but it lacks features you know could be used effectively. That is exactly the OP's situation (and I imagine quite a few other people's). And when this is the case, the sooner the feature is released, the sooner the user can be more efficient. In other words: Omni take your time to make it right but the sooner you finish, the sooner your user's can be more productive (and not waste time on forums looking for a hope that the product they have grown to love is making meaningful progress).