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I am lead for a fairly complex project, which involves putting in months of preparation to get ready for "single shot events" (i.e ones where you get one chance to get it correct).

In the preparation stage, we work a 5 day week, 8-10ish hours per day. But the events themselves are staffed 24/7 and can start/stop on the weekend. When I put in these "events" into omniplan, which are fixed in time and we have no control over the start/stop dates, if they happen to fall on the weekend then the date is automatically shifted to the first working day after (Monday) with a constraint. This is no good at all! Whenever I try to remove the constraint, the event pings to a random date (most annoying). Then when I type in the correct start date, it goes to the first Monday and adds the constraint again. The only way that I have found to fix this is if I define a working week as 7 days, but then has implications on various other areas of the programme. How do I tell omniplan to ignore any "normal" constraints and simply do what I tell it, for these very special (but still quite numerous) tasks?