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As the subject: I'm working on an app to help you choose what to do today.

When you run it, it goes through all available tasks one at a time, asking you what to do with them. After you've rated all the tasks, it outputs an RTF document of the ones you said you'd do today, which you can print out. (I might have the option for it to flag the tasks in OmniFocus instead.)

The motivation for this app came from my frustrations trying to use GTD. I like the organisation, but whenever I'm stressed I find it so easy to stop checking OmniFocus, and slowly but surely it gets out of sync with my life. I plan to schedule this app to run once a day automatically, which will hopefully prompt me to do more things!

The "I can't do it" button moves the task to a "Waiting onů" context (which will be user definable). "I've done it" marks the task as complete. "I'll ignore it" just leaves the task as it is and moves on to the next one. "I'll defer it" lets you choose from 1, 3, 7, 14 or 30 days, and then sets the start date to that far in the future. And "I'll do it today" adds it to the list of tasks to do today, which the app outputs at the end.

So, questions: would anyone else find this app useful? If so, is there anything you'd like to see it do? (I am going to keep version 1 very simple, so I'm only likely to add tweaks that are related to its primary purpose. The UI will probably improve in the future, this is just the first iteration.)