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Thanks, Stphnlwlsh, this is exactly the functionality I want (I don't want to manage a zillion birthdays separately; if a birthday is in my calendar, I want to remember it). I'd like a reminder for each birthday a couple of weeks ahead of time. I almost have this working... but not quite. Here's what I have in Automator:

File > New > iCal Alarm

Actions > Contacts > Filter Address Book Items
Find people where all of the following are true: Birthday is exactly 14 days from now

Actions > Get Contact Information > check First Name, Last Name, Birthday; check Combine Names

Actions > Mail > New Mail Message
Set To: to Omnifocus maildrop address

Actions: > Mail > Send Outgoing Messages

The mail goes through to OF just fine, except that the name and birthday from the Get Contact Information action don't get passed through to the message (either the subject line or the body). What am I missing?

(Once I have this script working I'll set up a workflow to run it every day)