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Omnifocus is a lifesaver for keeping track of projects which can easily be broken down into next actions, however I struggle with projects which have next actions which last for days on end.

For example, I do a lot of design work which after the planning stages ends up with a task that is essentially. "Move pixels around until its ready to show to someone". This often takes days or weeks, which leads to very stagnant lists. Ticking stuff off helps reinforce a sense of accomplishment and when you don't tick stuff off for days it can feel a little disheartening.

I have tried a system of setting up a repeating task called "Iterate on Design" to end after 5 or 6 iterations, but obviously this doesn't match up to the day to day realities of a project in which iteration happens very fluidly.

What tactics have you all employ to deal with or break down monumental next actions? I would be very interested to hear.