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A couple weeks ago, I did a search for a good alarm program for the Mac, and found Alarm Clock SE does pretty well for me.

The features I was looking for were the ability to run an AppleScript at any given time, and flexible repeats. AC SE was a bit of a challenge to understand and get working, but I now have a morning alarm that:
- starts my iTunes streaming radio
- opens Firefox to my Freecycle moderation page (so I can get that job over with)
- opens Gcal so I can see my calendar
- opens an AppleScript created Morning Review checklist

This is already helping me stay on track a lot. When I can, I'll add alarms for an evening review, a weekly review, and anything else I think I need.

The one feature I'm missing would be "fuzzy times" -- so my morning alarm would trigger when I open my laptop AND it's sometime between 6:00 am and 8:00 am. [Right now it's set for 6:30, which is a bit late sometimes, and too early others, and useless on the weekend.] Anyone know of a program that can do that?